>Oh Potato!


After a long weekend of camping, more on that later, we got home and decided to harvest our new potatoes. Surprise! They weren’t all new anymore! We planted Yukon Golds and Red Norlands (both of which I emailed the company to ask if they were GMO (genetically modified organisms). The company sent a curt “No they are not” reply. I guess I expected to be congratulated for asking or something but they did give me my answer. Of course being so short and sweet I had to wonder if they were maybe just tired of being asked and just told me what I wanted to hear. Paranoia anyone?

We had a GREAT harvest! The most Bryon has ever had he said. Those plants were TALL before they started falling over and Ruger (the pig) started LAYING in them. He’s got some weird thing for tall grass and plants and we kept seeing trampled down holes in the middle of the plants and finally figured out he was the culprit. He kept trying to steal potatoes out of the box as we dug them out with our hands. There were a TON of HUGE worms in there! Grace loved picking them up and playing with them. We made her put them back though so they could keep doing their good work!

And good work they DID!

This is the second year with these raised beds and we used ALL of the rabbit manure in them over the winter along with the pine bedding I used with them. It sure paid off! Of course now those bunnies are living with the White’s and we have quail in the rabbit hutch. By next spring our chicken compost will be ready to use. We may miss that rabbit manure though! Hmmmm…definately going to have to get two GIRLS or two BOYS next time! I don’t need any more bunny surprises.

Tonight we had a great dinner of one of my Cornish Cross chickens roasted in a bag in the oven with rosemary and thyme, roasted new Red Norland potatoes with Borsin cheese and heirloom Devil’s Ear and Lollo Rossa lettuce from our garden.

It just keeps getting better and better.


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