>School Pictures


Twice a year First Kids invites photographers to the school to take photos. I love those guys. It saves me so much stress for them to just come to schoo. All I have to do is dress Grace and send her to school just like every other day and then WHAMO…cutie patootie photos that I DID NOT have to schlep to Sears for and spend a half day trying to keep her from getting ketchup or yogurt or SOMETHING on her clothes before the photo. The latest batch is just great. The problem then becomes that the photographers bring TONS of proofs and you just can’t buy them all. Okay so you COULD buy them all but then what do you do with that many photos? It’s a struggle. I bought four sheets today for $52. Money pretty well spent I think.

That outfit, by the way, is the FULL PRICE, NOT ON SALE, FRONT OF THE STORE outfit Bryon bought her at the Children’s Place last month. See why she needs Daddy to take her shopping 🙂


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