>The Problem with Puppies

>Puppies are cute.

And it’s a good thing because about the 27th time they poop or pee on your previously virgin carpet it makes it increasingly difficult to remember why you wanted one in the first place.

Then they fold their ears down all pathetic while you’re scolding them and you remember, “Oh yeah, they ARE cute”.

Ruger has about pushed me to the limits of my patience, which wasn’t that far a trip as it turns out. We’ve been leaving him in the outdoor kennel for the past few days while we are at work and then bringing him in for the evening. One of us takes him for a nice little walk up the powerline, around the paintball woods and back down the driveway as soon as we get home. He poops. He pees. He poops some more. Then he comes inside and promptly poops and pees again on whatever piece of carpet he can access. He’s not picky. He likes to spread it around.

I’ve got him gated off from our bedroom, the upstairs, Nana’s room (the ONLY room downstairs he hasn’t christened (you are welcome Nana), and Graces room but the little bit of carpet in the hallway between the downstairs bedrooms is his favorite spot. That and every other throw rug and area rug we have. We have ACRES of wood floors onto which he has only peed one time. Whatever. If we live through this (or he does) I’m sure he’ll be an excellent pet.

I just keep reminding myself he’s better than a new baby. At least I can leave him in the kennel when he cries and not get child services called on me 🙂

Now see there is ALWAYS a silver lining.

In the mean time, I just keep going to my happy place and surfing online for the best price on a Bissell Steam Cleaner.


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