>Coffee House Heaven

15 Feb


I had a great Valentine’s Day.

First thing, Grace let us sleep until quarter til 9 am. I snuck in before I went to bed and left her Valentine’s present in the middle of the floor so she’d see it first thing. I got her a box of chocolates, a neat one piece puzzle, a heart beaded bracelett and necklace and a card. Finally when she’d given up on us rising on our own accord she came in to tell me what she’d found in her room.

We got around, ate breakfast at Freda’s and headed down to Nana’s so Grace could spend the weekend with her and Mama could have a break. Bryon and I headed back into town and he took one for the team so I could find some shoes at the mall and horror of horrors…a swimsuit. I’m sure he was thinking “What fresh hell is this” but he didn’t complain one time and dutifully said the swimsuit looked good. Mercifully God has made him completely blind to my flaws over the years and he still thinks I’m hot. Silly boy.

We finished up (actually I gave up wanting to fight the crowd of teenyboppers) and headed out at 3:15 and Bryon suggested we should probably go ahead and eat since we didn’t have any reservations for VDay anywhere. We decided on Red Lobster and I figured it would just be us and the blue hairs at 3:15 on a Saturday but Red Lobster was PACKED! It was an hour wait so we passed the time playing Scrabble on my Blackberry. It was worth the wait because dinner was GREAT!

Then we headed to my Mecca…Borders. Honestly, I could spend an entire day there. I really could. The absolute BEST part was that they had live music there as part of Queen City Live or some thing and there was the best folk artist I’ve ever seen live. Her name is Cindy Woolf and her website is she’s from Arkansas and plays acoustic guitar. She had a steel guitar accompaniment. It was just awesome sitting there drinking coffee and listening to her. She’s a Gillian Welch/Brandi Carlisle sort of artist.

Her music just filled me up and I just couldn’t have even planned a better day or had a better person to spend it with.

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One response to “>Coffee House Heaven

  1. Kenny White

    February 16, 2009 at 11:22 pm

    >Cindy Woolf is great. Glad someone else is checking her out.



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