>Last weekend we started the chicken tractor for the broilers. Bryon, of course, is the mastermind behind all construction at our place. I told him basically what I wanted and he hopped to it ripping 2x4s so we could put it all together. He has an old pneumatic nail gun that is AWESOME and really makes quick work of any construction projects we have…when the thing works. He’s been needing to get it repaired for some time so after pounding about a half dozen nails the old fasioned way, he had sufficient motivation to make SATURDAY the day to do it. He figured out what he needed and we abandoned the job and headed to Orchelins for hinges, handles and the nail gun pieces. After four stops and then lunch at Fredas, we finally headed back home to work on the chicken tractor.

Grace played around outside all day and “helped” as much as we would let her. She really wants to “help”. She was hoping there was going to be painting needed because that’s what she likes to do best after she got to help paint the chicken house last year. After a solid half hour of work, I asked her to run to the garage and get herself and Daddy something to drink out of the refrigerator and a Dr. Pepper from the upstairs bar fridge for me. She came back with all three. A new GOFER has been born!!! I guess that makes me Head Gofer in Charge now because every project we have around here starting with the construction of the house 5+ years ago I have ALWAYS had to be the GOFER.

I was more than happy to pass that torch because I have made probably a thousand trips between the house and the barn for tools, materials and about a million little jobs. Bryon and my Dad assured me during the house construction that this was an important job. Probably the MOST important job because then THEY didn’t have to stop working or come down from the roof etc, etc. etc. WHATEVER! It doesn’t FEEL like an important job and there is no instant gratification in doing it. There is no progress to be seen like say painting, or building something, or laying wood flooring or using the NAIL GUN! I love that nail gun. It’s very satisfying to shoot a nail through something.

Anyway, now I get to have my own personal GOFER. It’s a win, win. I don’t have to schlep to the house and she gets to “help”. Hehehe.

Wait a minute…that’s probably what Dad and Bryon said about me while I was in the barn.



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