>Resolution Road

>I’ve made some progress on my Resolutions, Goals and Life List. I’m already reading my 12th book of the year, I’ve been making artisan bread from scratch and learned to make mozzarella and ricotta cheese.

I’ve eaten fast food two times since Jan. 1 (two not even realizing it until two days later) and once today. I decided “fast food” is to be defined as anyplace with a drivethru. I haven’t been very successful with the “watch less tv” goal. I have managed to change the channel to the XM Coffeehouse station when I’ve realized I just have it on for noise but dang it, I just have too many shows DVRd that I’m addicted to.

I did get all of my 2008 photos printed (363 of them to be exact) for 10 cents each from Walgreens. I couldn’t BELIEVE how cheap that was. I uploaded them and they had them all ready for pickup in an hour. They must have been REALLY bored that day.

I’ve decided I’m going to go in March to finish up the last 12 miles of the Ozarks Highland Trail. Assuming the trail is passable after all the terrible ice last week. I’ve got to email Tim Ernst to find out before I trek down there. I’ve asked my friend Laura to go with me to finish it out since she was the one who started it with me years ago. If she can’t go, I have another friend who said she would go or Bryon even volunteered to do it with me.

I’ve also ordered a dozen Cornish Cross broilers to raise that I’ll pickup April 2 to help with the “raise all our own meat on the farm” goal.

The rest of the list is still in the “To Do” category but are something to strive for. I’ll probably start working on the “meal planning” next. Meals at home are the scourge of my existence. I like cooking when I have the time. “Having the time” is the problem. Speaking of which, I wonder what’s for supper tonight?


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