>It’s Easy Being Cheesy


Making Mozzarella
Finished Mozzarella

I have one more thing to check off my list of Resolutions, Goals and Life List. Today, I learned how to make mozzarella and ricotta cheese. Our self-sufficient neighbors, who live in a 30×50 metal shop, have solar panels and a generator, gravity feed water pressure and wood heat, came over today to teach me how to make cheese.

I’ve been wanting to learn ever since I read Barbara Kingsolver’s book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and today was the day! The Peterson’s have five children ages 5-20 and Heidi, the 20 year old was my teacher today. She just recently started making cheese herself and had it down cold already. She learned from the book mentioned in AVM, The Home Cheese Book by Ricki Carroll. The milk for the cheese came from their two milk cows, Strawberry and Blossom. One is a Jersey and the other a Brown Swiss.

Now THIS is not their cow, but how could you not love a cow like this Brown Swiss? I want a Brown Swiss milk cow named Blossom. Well, only a little. I still have some sense. I realize I can’t milk a cow twice a day, work full time and have any semblance of a life away from the farm. Perhaps having a FRIEND with a beautiful Brown Swiss cow named Blossom is good enough…for now.
We used three gallons of milk (about what they get EVERY DAY) to make the cheese. Heidi, brought over everything including the pots and pans and I watched the first batch of mozzarella and the ricotta then she let me make the second batch of mozzarella..assisted. It was a fun day. Bryon, Doug (the Dad) and Luke cut wood along our soon to be fence line up on the road frontage of our property and Renee (the Mom) and the other three girls read books in Grace’s room and played with toys.
They brought over a noodle casserole and grated fresh mozzarella on top of it and a salad and it was all just delicious. I even ate some of the salad, HOLY COW! My body may rebel. I’m going to call her tomorrow and get the EXACT ingredients for that salad because I’m thinking I might be able to eat more of that. I might even WANT to. What the heck is up with that craziness?
After they left I got online at http://www.cheesemaking.com/ and ordered my rennet, citric acid and a few other things to get started. Tonight, I made manicotti and the artisan bread. If I had made the noodles it would have been completely homemade. Hmmm. Noodles…
I might have to add something to that list.


2 thoughts on “>It’s Easy Being Cheesy

  1. >Well done! I AM impressed! This is something you will have to teach ME how to do!! I am so proud of you! And if you can make CHEESE, honey, noodles ain’t thing but a thang!


  2. >OMGosh! I had no idea you were going to learn to make cheese. AWESOME, girl! Is there anything you CAN’T do?! Hey, keep in mind this friend would love, love, LOVE to learn to make cheese, so whenever you are practicing….


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