>And then there were six.

>The crooked beaked chicken finally got eaten today. I let them out this morning, we went to church and this afternoon I was outside trying to get all the recyclables gathered up to send to the landfill because they were such a mess. I decided it would just be easier to devise some new plan and start over than try to get that mess to Springfield.

I think the powers that be might pull my green card for that but too bad. I’ve done my part. I’m using eco-friendly dish soap, recycling my paper, cardboard and aluminum… so sue me.

Later while I was cleaning out the bunny cage, I noticed some feathers, then some more and then a half eaten chicken under the cedar tree by the barn. At first I thought maybe it was an old kill but I drug the thing out and it was the last Araucana: the crooked beaked one. That chicken must have been half cat because she had used up at least eight other lives to this point as it was. Well today her jig was up and now she’s in that great chicken heaven in the sky along with five more of my chickens. It’s probably getting crowded by now.

Now I’m down to six. The good news is I got 5 eggs today. I think I’m going to keep them penned up for a while. There are just too many hungry critters in the winter time I think. The question now is which is better: to have a happy, free and eventually dead chicken or a pissed off, cooped up live one? I’m going to bet on pissed off for a while. I like my odds better.


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