>Compton Hollow

> Last Saturday was really a warm day for January and Bryon suggested we got on a hike. I was a little skeptical because I figured we’d end up carrying Grace most of the way, but agreed to give it a try. I haven’t REALLY hiked for about 5 years now. I think I’ve lost my hiking mojo.

I dug through my hiking clothes and junk and realized I only had one pair of fat hiking pants. Apparently I was in better shape five years ago when I WAS hiking. Go figure.

Bryon claims he and I have been to Compton Hollow before (it’s just north of Northview about 10 miles from home) but I would have argued all day that I hadn’t ever been there.

We filled our water bottles, loaded up and headed out and got there about 10 am. There was one other car there but we passed them walking up the road to another trailhead so we had the place to ourselves and picked out a small loop which ended up being about a mile and a half long. Bryon found a big walking stick and of course Grace had to have one too. So she found a stick, then drug it around the whole trip. She had a great time looking at rocks and trees and if there is a flower or berry to be found…she’ll find it.

All and all it was a pretty good foray into the woods and Bryon thinks he might load up his mountain bike and stop this spring after work a few times and ride the trails. There are 6 -8 miles or so of easy, level trail loops out there so that should keep us busy for a while and be good practice for Grace for some future longer trips.

Yellowstone here we come!


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