>Dough Girl


I read this great article in Mother Earth News last month about making bread and have had it sitting out on my counter for weeks now waiting for some motivation to give it a try. It SAID it was easy but seemed like it had a lot of steps to me so I was procrastinating. Finally, Saturday I got the party started and mixed up the dough, then today I baked a round of bread and let me tell you, IT WAS FABULOUS!

I didn’t even wait for it to cool off and sliced a piece off right out of the oven and buttered it up. We had half the round eaten before supper was even ready. It’s a keeper!

Try it yourself at http://www.motherearthnews.com/Real-Food/Artisan-Bread-In-Five-Minutes-A-Day.aspx

I also used some of the frozen shredded zucchini I had put up from our garden this summer and FINALLY made the perfect loaf of zucchini bread. I halved the recipe and didn’t know how to put in only 1 and a half eggs, so I just used two. It turned out really, really good too with a great crunchy sweet crust on the top and sides. I don’t know why I’ve had so much trouble with zucchini and banana breads in the past, but this weekend I was the BREAD QUEEN!


Of course, part of all that baking is what has led once again to #5 on my list on the right. Yes I’m back into the fat pants again. Of course, I had to buy NEW fat pants because I optimistically and foolishly gave away all my OLD fat pants after I lost that 20 pounds the last time. Girls, just keep the damn fat pants and if you don’t have to ever wear them again just make a little shrine for them (maybe a nice glass case of some sort) as a reminder of where you don’t want to go again.

So tomorrow it’s back on the wagon…if I can even FIND the wagon. I think I see the ass end of it WAAAAYYY out there somewhere…maybe I can follow that crumb trail to it…hmmm…is that chocolate?


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