>Animal Paradise

> I was about at my wits end for togetherness this weekend and Bryon mercifully decided to take Grace to Animal Paradise in Strafford for a few hours. I think they probably wanted out and away from me as much as I needed some home alone time.

He’s been wanting to go for sometime but had heard some stories about aggressive buffalos getting a little too friendly and curious and messing up some vehicles. He took the truck and Grace rode shotgun through the park. They had a great time and ate lunch there too. They had a couple of scary encounters like when the shaggy yak cow thing got it’s horns into the cab of the truck for a long “HOLY COW” moment until Bryon convinced it to turn it’s head just right by wafting a range cube by it’s nose and pushing it’s head out of the window.

Grace didn’t like the ostriches at all, they were too aggessive and tried to bite Bryon’s hand when he fed them. The donkeys were pretty friendly and she wanted to feed each little deer, but not the Daddy deer, only the babies. They even had a macaw inside who’s name was Gracie…word was she also bites.

They stopped at Sonic after Paradise and got some slushie drinks. Grace wanted to “buy” because she had found a Sonic gift card at school and thought it was money. Of course it was empty but it was the thought that counted.


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