>Resolutions, Goals and Life Lists

>     I’m not very good at keeping resolutions but ever the optimist I thought I’d try to put some things together as goals for the coming year and beyond. Our December book club read was “The Next Thing on My List” and was a fiction story about a woman who decided to finish the bucket list of a practical stranger who was killed in an auto accident while the main character was driving her home one day from a Weight Watchers meeting as a courtesy. There were about 14 things on the list from big to small and it took her a year to complete them all.
     My friend Leslie gave me a great compliment that she admired that I often accomplished the things I said I wanted to do. Oh if she only knew how long those lists were and how much more there is to do! I can’t ever die because I have too many plans!
     Some of the items on this list are things I’d like to do this year and other are things for the near future but I thought it couldn’t hurt to organize them and get things started. Besides…you know how I love a list!

1. Watch less television (really hard for me because I’m a total addict, there should be a 12 step program or a patch).
2. Read 52 books in a year (which would be a lot easier if I watched less television).
3. Eat no fast food for a year (I’m not sure that’s even possible).
4. Plan our family meals a week/month at a time and shop for them accordingly.
5. Lose 20 pounds…again.
6. Cut my hair (childhood hair trauma has kept my hair long for the past 25 years, again, I probably need a patch or 12 step program for this one too).
7. Learn some Italian.
8. Go to Italy (obviously learning some Italian would help this cause and Dawn and I are going to try to save enough money to go together the summer of 2010)
9. Learn to play my really spectacular Taylor Big Baby guitar (or at least a few recognizable campfire worthy songs).
10. Raise all of our own meat on the farm.
11. Learn to make cheese and bread.
12. Finish the last 12 mile section of the Ozarks Highland Trail in Arkansas (I have already hiked 153 miles of it).
13. Print last year’s photos so I can scrapbook them.
14. Scrapbook them.

Wow, that was just a coincidence that it ended up being 14 things. I’m going to keep adding to it and list it on the sidebar so I can work on it this year.

Happy New Year!


One thought on “>Resolutions, Goals and Life Lists

  1. >We used Quicken. It is awesome, shows all that you are spending, where you can save and shows what you can have at the end of the year by sticking to the budget. If all goes as planned… it shows that if we stick to our plan we could over $4000 at the end of the year!! We have no idea how, we’ve never had anything at the end of the year but we are hopeful!


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