>Christmas 2008


We had a great Christmas this year. We ended up spending about $250 total and it was all on Grace. Still sort of crazy but it was MUCH reduced from last year believe it or not. Her big item was “real microphone like Hannah Montana with sparkles”. That was all she had actually asked for from Santa. I found a little Memorex karaoke machine at Target for $25 and brought it home. I had found a Cinderella dress the day after Halloween for dress up and bought several books the past few months from Scholastic at school. Bryon bought home a book about a princess which he had personalized and had her name and details about her, her friends and family too. So really that was probably enough but…

then, we went shopping.

Grace spent last weekend with Nana so Bryon and I could go shopping for some last minute things for her and stocking stuffers. Bryon and I didn’t even do stockings this year either. I had a $25 gift card to ToysRUs so we went there first and that’s when he saw it. A Hannah Montana microphone WITH sparkles. It was $99.95. I called Target while we were there because I had seen one there too but decided it was too expensive. Target was all out. Theirs was $10 cheaper of course. We left with the Hannah Montana one.

We found a couple of outfits for her at Target, lots of stocking stuffers. I also found her a Daddy doll to play with her Barbies. I don’t know what’s happened to all the Ken dolls of the world but there wasn’t a Ken to be found at any store we visited. The only boys were HS Musical boys. Bryon decided it was a sexist conspiracy to do away with Daddy’s. I’m not sure about that, but it was greatly lopsided and we know from years past that even GI Joes are few and far between. Seems like a conspiracy to me too really.

Mom, Dad, Susan and Mike came up Christmas Eve and Bryon made spaghetti carbonara, I made Armenian bread and we had salad. Mom brought my favorite, chocolate sheet cake and we just ate ourselves to oblivion. Grace was the only one who had presents to open so she tore into them. She knew what it was all about this year. She got so much stuff but it was still better than last year. We didn’t make it to church service but stayed up and watched Mama Mia together which was pretty fun.

Grace finally went to bed with Nana and Santa got up in the middle of the night and put a smudge of soot on Grace’s little cheek to show that he had given her a kiss before he left. Bryon had told her he might and sure enough…Mom thought she had a bruise on her cheek when she got up but Grace quickly told her what it was…a Santa kiss.

Mike and Nana spent the night and Christmas day we watched Elf, Ice Age and The Christmas Story all day.

I think the whole no give exchange thing went really well over all and everyone felt relieved to not be stressed buying gifts or spending the money. Our bank account looks a lot better for it too.

Only 363 days until Christmas 2009.


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