>Heirloom Seeds


Oh I can hardly wait to get my new Baker Seed catalog. Baker Seed is in Mansfield, MO which is of course just a hop, skip and a jump from here. Last year Bryon and I went up there for the first time and bought several seeds to try. Baker sells only heirloom and rare seeds. No hybrids or GMO seeds. We tried some lemon cucumbers (not too good actually), some okra, beets, radishes and I can’t remember what all else. This year I want to buy all our seed from them. I’d really like a little greenhouse which we may be able to swing with our new raised garden setups. I haven’t been too good in the past at raising much from seed except for squash which have pretty sturdy little stalks from the beginning really. Maybe THIS will be my year!

I had severe seed catalog envy when I saw my friend Leslie already had her Baker catalog! I kept waiting for it to come in the mail but it hasn’t so I just ordered one again. I’m really not too patient. Shock huh.

Instead of visions of sugar plums dancing in my head I have chicken cage plans and seeds dancing in mine.

Order yours here http://rareseeds.com/

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