>A Date With Destiny


January 8 is the butcher date for the pigs. Our neighbor and Hannah’s local Curt stopped by and took a look at them to see what he thougth they weighed and he guessed them at about 250 lbs. It’s hard to see it but he should know because he helped butcher four hogs a couple of weekends ago. Ours are going to the locker plant. I don’t think we’re ready for hog butchering on the farm yet. I would like to go over there next time they do it and learn how but I know how big a job working up a deer is and the thought of doing THAT in January is not very appealing. Cheaper but not appealing right now. If we had just bought those little guys a couple of months earlier we’d already be eating sausage now and not having to feed and water them in the cold and dark. A good farming lesson learned.
Bryon is lobbying for a mercury light on the back side of the cabin or on the electric pole for the cabin but I’m holding out. That’s one of the things I love about it out her is that it is pitch dark at night. Now, do I go out every night and enjoy the stars? No, but I could if I wanted to. I try to feed them if I get home before him and it’s still light outside. They are big but they aren’t mean. I don’t like going into the pen because they try to root the bucket out of your hands and stick their entire heads into the bucket and they are STRONG.
It’s hard to believe now that they started out like this in July
I don’t know how much meat we’ll get out of them but I’m looking forward to some sausage grave soon!

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