>Anything for a puppy.


Grace really wants a dog. What kid doesn’t. I admit I miss having a dog quite a bit but the thought of keeping one more thing alive right now is tiresome. Between the chickens, pigs, bunnies, duck, cat, Grace and the husband…I think I’m pretty lucky nothing has gone toes up yet. (Okay so three chickens and a duck died but certainly not due to my neglect, bobcats and chicken hawks are beyond my control really).

This is the longest I’ve ever gone without a dog (20 months). Here’s what I don’t miss: all my stuff getting chewed up, dog hair, dog poop, holes in the yard, buying giant bags of dog food twice a month, slimy dog chew toys, worrying about them, fleas, flea medicine, $300 vet bills when they get tick fever, spending enough time with them so they don’t need dog therapy later, whining, barking, barking, barking.

Here’s what I do miss: puppy kisses, puppy breath, wiggle butts, soft little ears, fetch.

Every so often Grace will sigh longingly as we drive by our empty dog kennel and say “Poor puppies. My puppies died.” (two were 12 years old and she never knew one of them, the other one we gave away because she was chasing Bryon’s deer off). “When can I have another puppy?”

We have explained to her that dogs and chickens generally don’t get along so well. The dogs would likely eat the chickens since they are free range all day. We’d have to put one of them up and let the others out. It would be a big pain.

The other night she and I were sitting on the couch watching tv while Daddy Google Earthed his hunting spots and a commercial came on with some cute little puppies. Grace says, “Why are puppies so cute. I wish I could have a puppy.”

I said, “I know Grace someday you’ll have a puppy.”

Grace said,”Hey, wait a minute, I have a good idea. How about if we eat the chickens and then we can have a puppy. That’s a good idea.”

“Well, that is an idea,” I said. “Go tell Daddy your idea.”

She did. We still have chickens and we still do NOT have a puppy.

The girl is thinkin’ though.


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