>Now What? A Brave New World?


Well my guy and girl didn’t win last night. I wasn’t really surprised but I was dissappointed.  Somehow, someway I really didn’t think the country would vote Obama into power. They did. My friends did, some of my family did and many, many others did.

I was more interested and aware of this campaign and the potential consequences than any other past election. I don’t know if that is because I’m older now and have a family or if I was just caught up in all the hullabaloo but I felt compelled and patriotic leading up to this election.

I am proud that the country has hopefully finally put to rest any future racial discrimination with this choice. I just don’t know that Obama the man himself was the best man to do it. Time will tell.

I hope to maintain my enthusiasm for this country and to find a way to stay involved, informed and active in the months and years to come and further crystalize my opinions, values and beliefs so in four years I’ll be ready to fight the good fight again, whichever side best supports our family and country.


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