>She’s poison Garrett!


We had a great birthday party for Grace on Saturday. She had six friends from her preschool and four other kid friends plus family. She was so excited to have her friends at her house. They played outside on the swingset, jumped on the trampoline, admired the pigs and chased chickens. It was a good day.

Grace got some cute clothes, several Barbies and lots of other funs stuff. She’s really been enjoying her toys.

I didn’t get to see it but Gary, Richard and Bryon got to see a glimpse of things to come. Garrett drug the bean bag out of the playroom and into to the game area upstairs to watch air hockey and was all sprawled out on it when Grace decided to jump on him. Garrett put his arm around Grace and cuddled up while little brother Boone was bouncing Tigger style over the two of them. Garrett was holding Grace’s face really close to his with both of his hands and Cale hollers out,

“Don’t do it Garrett, she’s poison!”

I think Bryon, Richard and Gary about died laughing.

We are in so much trouble…


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