>The Big 4!


Today is Grace’s 4th Birthday! She has been VERY excited to be 4. Her two best girlfriends at school turned four earlier this month and now she is 4 too! Last night we made Pinkalicious cupcakes for her to take to school to share today. Pinkalicious is one of her favorite books and she has it memorized. She’s taken it to school once to read to her class herself and today she took it again WITH pink cupcakes. She helped ice them last night and about every 10 seconds I had to remind her NOT to lick the icing knife. It was a struggle but we we made it through with no Grace slobber on the cupcakes (at least I’m pretty sure there wasn’t).  I let her lick both knives when we were done.

Tomorrow I’m taking the day off to make her Cow Cake and clean the house before the big party on Saturday afternoon. There is a lot to do but I think this will be her best birthday ever because she REALLY knows what it’s all about now! All her school and friend friends are coming and the family and we are ALL excited.

Bryon and I went in this morning with a candle lit cupcake and her gifts to wake her up. We got her a REAL pink guitar and a Barbie at her request. She like them both. She got to eat a pink cupcake for breakfast and for the first morning ever couldn’t wait for me to get ready to take her to school so she could tell her friends and teachers she is 4!

It’s good to be a kid…especially on your birthday.


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