>Farm Update

>This has been a busy month with Bryon’s Dad here visiting. We’ve enjoyed spending time with him and Grace has enjoyed getting to know her Grandpa Medley better. I think she’s probably worn him out. Gary has taken over most of the farm chores while he’s been here and starting tomorrow it’s back to regular business around here.

He’s given a lot of special attention to the crooked beaked Aracauana and she has followed him around the farm like a puppy. She’s going to be lonely when he’s gone. We lost a duck last week. We don’t know what happened to it but the other duck quacks around looking for it. It’s pretty sad. The chickens go down and visit it from time to time but I think it needs a friend. We missed the small animal swap meet this month and the last one is Oct. 25, the day of Grace’s 4th birthday party so I’m not too hopeful about making it over there to get another duck.

The pigs are getting big and aggressive. They push and shove on Bryon and Gary when they go out to feed them. I’ve only fed them once by myself. They are getting kind of scary. I thought I was going to have to feed them this weekend while Bryon takes Gary home, but it looks like the Huggler Men are going to take care of them for me. I’m glad because I had decided I was just going to get a bucket to stand on and throw their food over the top of the kennel instead of going into it. Bryon says they rush him now for the food as soon as he gets to the door.

We haven’t had any more 17 egg days. I’m pretty sure we must have just missed them, even though I just don’t remember missing a day. Being out of my routine these past few weeks though I suppose I must have. We are regularly getting 7-9 eggs a day. We’re eating some, giving some away and selling some from time to time. I feel sort of bad selling them to my friends. I hate asking them to pay for them, but when I do sell them it just helps pay for their feed and upkeep.

I finally caved in and let Bryon spray for ants last weekend. We had been overtaken in the house with ants in my kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. I tried to fight them off but I was NOT winning the battle. Not a very green choice, but I was sick of the fight.

This weekend is going to be busy since I decided not to go to Nebraska with the boys. Grace and I have a lot to do. I’m taking Friday off and taking Grace to school then she has cheerleading practice Friday night. They are going to get to cheer at the K-2nd Flag Football Games at the Jr. High. They’ll only have three games to go to and Grace will only be able to make it to 2 of them, but it should be entertaining. Don’t worry, I plan to take pictures and some video if I can.

Sunday afternoon she has a birthday party to go to at McDonalds. I’ve started planning her Cow Party and trying to get the invitations made out. I didn’t make them this year. I just gave up and found a farm theme and bought them. I did find her a cow mylar balloon and plan to make a cow cake. I asked her tonight on the way home what she wanted for presents for her birthday and she said a Barbie and a pink guitar. Seems reasonable enough. I’m going to try to find her guitar. I’ve had mine out while Gary was here and I think that’s why she wants one. I can’t play it but I’m hoping she and I can take lessons someday. With any luck she’ll have some of Gary’s musical ability because she’s SOL with me and Bryon 🙂


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