>11 Chickens = 17 Eggs ??? Hmmmm…

>Yesterday was insane and I had to work really late. I got home about 8:45 pm and Bryon had just shut the chicken’s up in their coop and was heading into the house. Grace and I usually collect the eggs as soon as we get home (about 5 pm) but last night they waited because they wanted me to collect them. They finally gave up and Bryon took them in the house. They waited so long because YESTERDAY there were 17 eggs!

Now we only have 11 chickens and I hadn’t missed any from the day before so HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? Holy cow that was a lot of eggs! I thought they could only lay one egg a day so now I’m baffled. The only thing I can think is that some of them layed after I picked them up the day before and ALL the rest layed the next day again. I guess I’m going to have to look at night after they go to roost too now.

Those are some happy chickens.


One thought on “>11 Chickens = 17 Eggs ??? Hmmmm…

  1. >That is too cool! Just think of all the hard work and hours of effort spent on these chickens and now it is definitely paying off. I’m happy that your ‘girls’ are this productive, the eggs sure are yummy!


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