>Hey Fans, Get Up!


I took Grace to her first cheerleading class last Friday night. Her gymnastics school is offering a mini cheerleading class for ages 4-7 years old and Grace is forever going around making up little cheers so I knew she’d like it. I’m not sure where she’s come up with that particular obsession other than the fact that Bryon was pumping her little fist and yelling “Go Big Red” from the moment she emerged from the womb.

I, obviously, was NOT a cheerleader. I did have a brief moment of peer pressure weakness in my quest for popularity in the 8th grade when Susan Mumford and I tried out for the Junior High Cheerleading Squad. Neither of us really had much hope. I, at least, was horrible and awkwardly uncoordinated and certainly NOT cheerleader cute. We didn’t’ make it. It was not the life crushing blow you would think though, in fact, it was sort of a relief. I don’t think I could have maintained the required level of peppiness.

Grace watches a lot of Max and Ruby and I did see one episode where they were Bunny Cheerleaders. Grace gets her red and white Huskers pom poms and goes around the house shaking them low and then high saying “Gooooooo team!”

Of course she has also mentioned several times she wants to be a football player.

I’m hoping the cheerleading sticks. I’d rather defend her choice to be a cheerleader as opposed to a female on the football team. Of course she’s her own little person already so we’ll see what develops.

The class was crazy. There were about 6 little girls and it was like herding cats. They each have the attention span of gnats and it’s in the GYMNASTICS gym full of trampolines and fun stuff so of course they wanted to do EVERYTHING. It stayed out there to watch and listen (I usually go upstairs and watch through the windows because Grace comes out to kiss me, get a drink, greet me eight thousand times if I stay within site). This time though I wanted to see if it was going to be a worthwhile class. Rachel (the adult teacher) had three junior high cheerleaders helping her so there was almost one teacher per child but it was still pretty funny. Grace has my skills at group activities so far (ie four steps behind the aerobics instructor and the rest of the class) but she was doing pretty well considering all the distractions.

Their cheer was “Hey Fans, Get up, Get up! Hey Fans, Get Up!” She won’t let me help her because I “don’t do it right”.

Alas, I’m still not a cheerleader. Oh well, guess I can be the Mom of a cheerleader now 🙂


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