>A Baker’s Dozen


I finally accumulated my first dozen eggs today…plus one. I don’t know if I missed one yesterday (didn’t see it) or if I got two today and another girl has started laying. The second egg was sort of hidden between the studs of the house, so I could have just missed it yesterday, but I’m hopeful it was new today because it was really speckled like the first egg I got. Why they won’t use those nesting boxes is beyond me, but at least they are in the house.

Those chickens have really gotten bolder. They have pretty much covered every inch of the yard now and have started to venture up on our back deck. I can barely keep them out of the garage now either. All the world’s a playground for them. And a toliet. Chickens poop a lot. This one was on our back deck yesterday nosing around. I’m pretty sure this is the Sexlink that’s been laying.

I guess I’ll probably know in the next day or so if another one has started to lay. The eggs will be piling up when they all kick in. Bring ’em on!

The humming birds are really wearing me slick now. They are eating a lot! I’m on my third 10 lb bag of sugar this summer. Of course, I did use some of it for canning, but most of it has gone to the birds. I noticed on my conservation calendar that they start migrating this time of the year and that feeder activity may pick up. Well they must have the same calendar, because there have been significantly more out there this week.

Bryon is out today clearing a path through our paintball woods with the brush hog for the electric fence to go up. Goats are next on the list! If we get the fence in we could get a couple of goats at the small animal swap meet this month. I don’t know if we’ll make it or not, but the swap meet goes through October so surely by then. Of course then it’s winter, and that means a goat shelter too. Hmmm, animals sure are needy.

I still want to get a portable chicken pen built so I can raise some broilers. So many plans, so little daylight.

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