We have finally lost the fight with the squash bugs. We fought valiantly. We dutifully sought out eggs hidden on every squash leaf and squished them. Well, most of them, then we manically smashed, squashed (no pun intended) and obilterated them in various stages of growth. We probably killed a thousand squash bugs this summer. Bryon went out tonight and picked what was vegetables were left on the vines and then pulled them up. There were so many squash bugs we don’t even want to compost the vines. He took them up into the field to the dozer pile. Hopefully this winter sometime they will get burned up! 
I hate those squash bugs.
I’ve frozen 6 bags of yellow squash, 3 bags of shredded zucchini and we’ll start eating the spaghetti squash soon. They are really yummy sliced in half, baked and then eaten (the forked out flesh mixed with parmesan cheese and bacon bits). Mmmmmm. We’ll be having that some this week probably. Our tomatoes are doing well, we have lots, but they just aren’t turning red fast enough to can. They are coming in dribs and drabs.
I did make some zucchini relish this weekend.  We love it on brats and burgers and we were all out.
I didn’t get my green bean seeds this past weekend because it was just too dang hot to go out to Bakers. It’s not fit for man or beast out there right now. Each day I think, Man this is the hottest day ever, then it just gets hotter. I checked online and the shipping is only $3.00. It would cost more than that in gas to drive over there anyway…tomorrow I’m going to order them online and just wait for USPS to deliver them to my mailbox.
Life is good in the country.

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