>Wear and Tear

>After about two years of tripping over our growing and buckling carpet in our downstairs bedrooms, we finally got fed up and “they” came and stretched it yesterday. Bryon took the day off and moved all the furniture out with the help of Aaron and Austin so they could do it correctly. Apparently “they”, the carpet company, had never installed it correctly to begin with when we moved in we had to have it stretched once just a few months after we moved in. Gradually it just kept growning and buckling and we kept tripping and cursing until finally we got fed up and Bryon got us some results. What was orginally going to be a $300 restretching turned into a $95 restretching after Bryon’s skillful negotiations. My efforts didn’t get us anywhere: out of warranty, blah, blah, blah.

Bryon is definately a skilled negotiator. He should be, he has lots of debating opportunities around the house, ha!

We also had our most productive day of outside work without a babysitter for Grace that we have ever had last Saturday. We bought out materials Saturday morning after breakfast at Freda’s in Marshfield and went home to start working on rebuilding the rabbit hutch and constructing a hog shelter. We have an old 12×12 dog kennel we are going to try to utilize for raising two pigs to slaughter in the late fall/early winter. We don’t know anything about pigs except what we’ve gleaned from a book I bought but I’m up for the adventure. We are going to get a couple of bunnies for Grace to raise too. We may or may not eat them. Depends on if they are mean bunnies I guess.

We built a great pic shelter and now all we need are the pigs. I asked around my Amish neighborhood up at Dunnegan and the Borntragers have some just weined crossbreeds we can get but they are $25 and that seems high. Lindsy, my new chicken raising friend, just bought two for $12 each. Durocs. They are red and very cute. Everyone wants to know if I can kill them if I raise them from little piglets. Well, have you seen a big fat pig? They really aren’t that cute. I don’t forsee it being a problem. Besides, the only way I’m going to be able to continue this farmy stuff is if Bryon sees the fruits of the labor ie eggs, bacon and pork roasts! I don’t think he’s going to be too happy to keep building and feeding pets.

I don’t know what kind of pigs we’ll end up with but I’m excited to go look and maybe go to the Sale Barn this weekend. I haven’t been to a sale barn since I was little and went with Dad. I hope they still sell hamburgers šŸ™‚


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