>Rockaway Beach Weekend


We went camping this weekend in Rockaway Beach. It was Bryon’s 40th birthday and he really wanted to camp. It’s the first time we’ve had the camper out all year and we’d been debating over whether or not to just sell the thing, but we got such a good deal on it we could never replace it. Looks like we’ll just keep it. We had such a good time this weekend.

Bryon had wanted to go to Bennett Springs but it was “free fishing weekend” so every trout park in the state was booked solid. Even the cabins. He surfed the internet determined to trout fish somewhere and came up with Rockaway Beach. Let me tell you, the internet lies. Photo’s lie too. He got down there to the campsite and called very disappointed because the Hugglers were coming too and he’d worked hard to talk Tammy into going and this place was pretty lame as campgrounds go. We made the best of it though and everyone really had fun I think. Grace, Tammy and I shopped while the boys fished. We rented a big pontoon for Saturday and the boys drove us in the boat down to Branson Landing about 10 minutes away for shopping. That was pretty cool. They fished and we called for a pickup when we were done so we could all go back to the camper and eat lunch. When we got back to the boat, Austin had a 7 pound Brown Trout in the cooler! He had caught a big lunker brown and those guys were EXCITED! It was a HUGE trout! He was one lucky boy! The conservation dept. guys happened upon them as he was trying land it and loaned him their net so he could scoop it up. They are going to get it mounted. He was really proud. Bryon was too!

We’re going to Pomme De Terre the last weekend of July with the Thiessens and to Bull Shoals in October so we’ll have a few more trips to look forward to šŸ™‚


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