>Sassy Pants

>I’ve been seeing premonitions of things to come lately with Grace. When she got back from Nebraska with Bryon she was pretty sassy and “all that” for a few hours around the house. I know it’s because she was around mostly older girls all weekend and thankfully most of it wore off after a good night’s sleep.

This morning was the kicker though because after finally cajoling her into going potty before we left for school, I tried to help hurry her along and pull her pants down and she said very matter of factly, “Mom, I’m 3 years old. I don’t need help”. WHATEVER! Now she has started ordering me out of the bathroom and instructing me to turn on the fan and shut the door on my way out. I am so in trouble.

She’s so independent…of course unless she isn’t. Like when she hangs on my leg at school or wants to be carried. She certainly has her own mind. I’m glad for that most of the time, but it sure can be exasperating when she defiantly does the exact thing I’ve asked her not to do. Sound familiar Mom? Now when she does something I’ve asked her not to she’ll say “It was an accident” Nice try. She’s also gotten good at trying to school me on how to ask nicely. Last night she wouldn’t move out of the door of the chicken house after I told her to move THREE TIMES, so I grabbed her little shirt and pulled her out so I could close the door. She said, “You’re not very nice. You should say, excuse me would you move please, and I will”. Um, I’ve tried that thank you. She’s also gotten very good at saying in her sassiest tone, “Mama, listen to me.”

The other night I asked her to take her shoes into her room and she let out a huge exasperated sign and said “I will later, I’m busy”. I asked her to NOT make that noise (the big sigh) because it’s infuriating. Then not 3 minutes later Bryon said something to me and I caught myself expelling the same sigh. Guess that apple didn’t fall far from the tree.


One thought on “>Sassy Pants

  1. >I can laugh because at this particular moment in time, it isn’t me : ) I hear ya though!!!! Ethan tells me I am not very nice ALL the time. Usually when I’m really being mean and telling him to eat his dinner or pick up his toys. Sheesh. Let’s get together and watch Napolian Dinomite, it will make us feel better.


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