>St. Louis Weekend

We spent the weekend in St. Louis for a family vacation. We took Grace to the zoo two summers ago, but we figured she’d really like it this year. She did. She was CONSUMED with riding the train so after trying to look at a few animals and constant questions about when she could ride the train, we got on and RODE! That girl loves here trains! She had fun running around the zoo and it was a perfect day. Cloudy and cool. We stayed at the Drury Inn at the Convention Center which was right on the Landing. Bryon had a free night because of a crummy stay last year and it only cost us $87 to stay. It was a GREAT hotel and probably the quietest nights I’ve ever spent in hotels. Bryon and Grace swam in the cold indoor pool while I read a magazine poolside. They had snacks every night and a great breakfast each morning. We ate at Cunnetto’s on the Hill one night and on the Landing the next. We went to the Magic House on Friday which was pretty much like the Discovery Center in Springfield but Grace had fun. Then Saturday on the way home we stopped at Purina Farms.

We went to Whole Foods and I can’t believe how awesome that store is. I wish we had one in Springfield. We have Mama Jeans which is probably a tenth the size but I suppose it’s better than nothing. I had grocery envy. Of course that’s probably one of the ONLY things I’d envy about St. Louis. I tried to imagine myself in those little brownstone row houses and I just couldn’t conjure it up. Maybe a house swap for a week vacation, but otherwise I just could NOT live there. I guess it takes all kinds.

It was fun to get away but Grace was sure a tired mess! GRUMPY, GRUMPY! She and I went to Baker Seed’s Garden Show in Mansfield today. It was fun. Lots of organic plants and seeds and products.

Back to the grind and the schedule tomorrow.

I worried about my chickens the whole time, but luckily they did fine and and are still growing great! They are enjoying getting to go out into their “yard” and scratch and frolic around. They are tussling a bit for pecking order. They can all pretty much fly at will now and the two little Araucanas are coming along well too. They don’t seem to be getting picked on at all. I think I’ve been really lucky with them so far.

Life is good.


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