>Flip Flops

> Under the category of “everyone is doing it” I bought Grace some flip flops. Yes, I’ve already succumbed to the peer pressure of three year olds. Grace’s little girl friends have all been wearing flip flops to school and she asked me for some pink flip flops. I got them. She walks better in them than I do that’s for sure. Of course she wants to wear them every day and we can’t very well do that. She wanted to wear them to bed the first night, but this morning they were under the kitchen table and she didn’t even ask about them. So maybe the new has already worn off a bit.

She’s such a girly girl sometimes and a tomboy others. She loves to have her toes painted but I told her I won’t paint her fingernails again until the white part grows out. She’s a biter, just like I used to be and still am sometimes. She’s having some trouble getting the things on so I showed her to put her big toe on the princess so she’d know which flop went on which foot.

I’m sure this is the beginning of many requests that are going to be hard to resist and hard to decide which ones should be resisted. All I know is I’m glad I’m a grown up now, most of the time 🙂


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