>Welcome to the world baby chickens

>The chicks spent their first night in the coop Saturday night. We took them out there and they all huddled into the corner. I stood out there in the coop with them for about half an hour until one finally wandered over to the feeder and figured out where the feed was. Trust me, you can’t lead a chicken to food or water. They have to figure it out on their own. I was worried they might get too cold so I kept the heat lamp AND the little space heater out there and on all night. I know, I’m a mother hen.

The next morning when I went out to check on them, I peeked into the coop and couldn’t find them! I was about to panic when I finally found them in the opposite corner far from the light or heater huddled together. I guess they weren’t too cold or they would have been on the other side of the coop! Saturday was the nicest day of the year so far so we opened the coop door into the chicken yard which we finally finished Friday night. We had it open for two hours and they never wandered out. I’m beginning to question the intelligence of chickens. Finally, Bryon decided it was sink or swim and threw them all out the door into the sunshine. They were pretty happy campers picking and pecking around the yard.

I have to confess, I bought two more chicks at Orchelins. Liz McNally, I have an even dozen now 🙂 They had the Aracaunas (the ones that lay light pastel easter eggs) for sale and they had pullets. I wouldn’t have bought them if they had been straight run but…I caved. I didn’t realize how MUCH SMALLER they were until I threw them in with the others. They seem to be doing okay. They are still alive anyway so that bodes well for them 🙂 Only the two new ones were left in the coop and at least one of them couldn’t resist and hopped out on her own. Bryon had to assist the other one 🙂 The only bad part now is that every time we let them into the yard (okay a whole two times now) then I have to go out there and catch them and poke them back into the hole when it gets dark. Let me tell you, Bryon and Grace had a good laugh tonight watching me do that. Those Wyandottes are the leaders of the flock and the fastest and wiliest too. They have been the last ones caught both nights so far.

Well good night chicks…sleep well.


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