>Making Garden

Saturday while Bryon and our friend Chris stomped around the woods looking for morels (they found one, on our neighbor’s land, and Bryon ate it on the spot). Grace, Tammy and I planted 1/2 of our garden. I put out our spaghetti squash, yellow squash, zucchini, red, green and chocolate pepper plants, radishes, beets (for Grace) and carrots. That sure filled up the whole block bed. Bryon still has to make another trip to town for the mulch for the other bed. That bed is going to be tomatoes. Our potatoes still haven’t made an appearance. We also planted another blueberry plant (Casey had smooshed one before she left), a lilac bush, two forsythia’s and a Japanese maple in front of Grace’s window.

I was sure glad to wake up this morning and not see my plants eaten down to the ground. Hopefully the critters will leave them alone. I’m going to be pretty upset if they don’t! I want to can tomatoes and make zucchini relish this summer. I’m going to try to pickle the beets for Grace too. That should be an experience. And yes, those are the whitest legs in the universe.


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