>The Library

>There is a small group of local people who have decided to try to start a library in our town. I kept reading in the Marshfield Mail about them and they had met for several months before I finally decided I wanted to be involved. Since we moved out here I’ve dropped out of a lot of activities and things I had been doing pre-farm, pre-Grace. I really don’t have much interest in most of those things anymore, and it’s not like I have a lot of free time but it seemed like a library would be a fairly worthy pursuit. Also, the meetings are close by and on Friday nights. Since we live in the boonies and have no social life anymore that works out smashingly.

I’ve been to three meetings now and so far it’s been pretty fun. Of course we have NO MONEY so that certainly will slow things down. The Library Board (of which I have yet to be made an official member) wants to remain independent of other libraries or the government as much as possible so they can do their own thing which is a good idea, but certainly limits the financial options.

Saturday is Niangua Spring Cleanup Day which means folks bring their broken televisions, grills, washers and dryers and various other sundry metallic appliances that haven’t already been disposed of in the local river to dump on the town square where a nice big truck hauls them away for free. We’ve taken stuff up there several years now and I’m always surprised that anyone in town takes the time to clear out their front lawns and drive things over. Of course they all don’t but quite a few do. I’ve been wanting to have a garage sale for some time now but didn’t really want to schlep all my junk to Bolivar to Mom’s house so I offered to donate all my garage sale proceeds to the Library Project. I’ll be setup on the Garden Square right beside our beleaguered City Hall and the Spring Cleanup drop off site. It should be interesting. If we can get $300 we should have enough to apply for our 501 3c status and start looking for grants.

We visited Conway’s private library on Sunday afternoon and it was inspiring. They have had several large Memorial Donations that helped them build a brand new building. If we did that we would have the nicest building in town!

I took flyers around town to Hannah’s (local gas station and hangout) and a few other places and Hannah’s asked EVERY CUSTOMER for two weeks if they were interested in a library and if they would sign up in support. We had 122 families sign up amounting to a total of 455 potential patrons! That’s more than the 443 people in our town. THAT was pretty exciting and inspired us to forge ahead. I don’t know if it will every happen or not but I think it’s a community betterment project worth pursuing.

Hang on to all your books, I may be asking you for donations! Oh and we take cash too. 🙂


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