>Block Beds


Our friend Steve Shoemaker has been experimenting with soilless raised bed gardening (his neighbor got him started) and we decided to try our hand at it too. There is a guy named Les Pense in Strafford who started it all http://www.ruralmissouri.org/05pages/05MayGarden.html I’m excited to see what we can do with it. Of course that’s if we can keep the wildlife out of it. You put pipes down every so often in the open holes of the blocks and then take pvc pipe and bend it over to form a half hoop which you can then use to cover the garden with plastic to make a hothouse or netting to keep out the birds and critters. Bryon’s going to electrify our other two little beds (strawberries and corn hopefully). I’ve got spring fever bad now! My zucchini is coming up in my starts in the house but my yellow squash and spaghetti squash is doing NOTHING! I dug out the seeds tonight (I had let Grace plant them) and I think they were all upside down. One had one little sprig creeping out of it. Now that they are upside right maybe they’ll sprout. Who knew? Probably everyone but me right? Some farmer I am šŸ™‚


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