>Bad Bunnies


So we bought three more strawberry plants to plant in our little patch and I go out this afternoon to plant them and guess what? THEY ARE GONE! All that was left was a few naked stalks! I was SO MAD! I gathered up the materials and Bryon helped me fence them in. I defy those damn bunnies to get in now. I’m pretty sure this bunny in the picture was one of the culprits. He looks pretty well fed. I think we are going to have to cage in our entire garden. Last year we had lots of awesome green tomatoes that were just about to turn red and the next day…gone. Like they had never even existed. Pretty much we just garden for the wildlife now that we don’t have a dog. We’ve been run amuck with squirrels and rabbits and Bryon even caught a bobcat on his trail cam. Welcome to nature.


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