>Children of all ages…


We went to the circus last night at the Shrine Mosque in Springfield. I hadn’t been since I was 5 and went with our Kindergarten class. Bryon thinks he went once when he was 4. It was a pretty cool three ring circus and I thought the elephants were the best part. Grace got to ride one which was just pretty neat. She was right in front of the basket and it’s ears kept flapping against her leg. She got to pet it’s head too. Of course Grace is all about the food and spent most of her time eating and looking at her snow cone drink.

We went to Incredible Pizza afterwards and she really liked that. I played skeeball while Grace and Bryon rode the gocarts and my machine malfunctioned and gave me 115 free tickets! So we got the second from the least cheesy prizes before we left. A good time was had by all.


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