>Chickens are a coming…

> Grace helped Daddy primer the chicken house this past Saturday. We got a nice coat of red on it on Sunday and we hope to get it dragged out of the barn and set this weekend sometime. We have to try to get the chicken yard made so the coons and possums won’t twist their little chicken heads off. Then we are going to get some chicks and try our luck. It should be interesting. I think we are going to get about 8 chicks to start with. Hens only. Bryon and I don’t want no crowing roosters around waking us up at 4 am! We hope to have some eggs in about 6 months if all goes well.

I checked on my bees last weekend and they were still alive so if I didn’t squish my queen when I checked on them (which I probably did) they might make it this year. We’ll see. I’ve only had two out of five good years with them. I’m getting frustrated with them. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep the chickens alive a little better.

Grace sure did love painting that chicken house. She had paint in her hair and everywhere, but she sure had fun. It made me hopeful I might be able to get something accomplished outside this year. I just have to watch her every second! I need to tie a bungie cord to her so I can keep her in site. She’s a bug hunter, rock picker and puddle stomper for sure. She got her shoe stuck in the mud puddles twice and hopped over to me for help retrieving them. She was a filthy mess. Guess that’s the fun part or at least that’s what I keep telling myself 🙂

We are going to use our tax refund to fence our field so we can get a couple of calves to raise for beef. Let the farming commence!


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