>Back on Track

>Wow last week was just awful. Monday was the ice storm…AGAIN…thankfully no power loss this time. I get President’s Day as a floating holiday, so I decided to stay home with Grace since I figured I make it to town only for the daycare to call and close early from the current and impending storm. Bryon actually started to try to make it in (crazy supervising martyr that he is) but turned back when he got to Marshfield. Not, however, before he stopped by McDonalds for a breakfast treat for us all 🙂 We had a snuggly and relaxing snowed in day together.

Tuesday the daycare actually DID close. I couldn’t believe it. I had to take a vacation day and stay home with Grace again. Tuesday was actually pretty fun. We broke out the games and I played every game (about 5) she has with her. She watched videos and we made cookies.

Tuesday evening while I was trying to make supper she kept wanting to be held and saying she was cold (unusual). I finally took time out and decided to check her temperature. It was 102! She had been perfectly FINE all day! Arrrrrrgggggg.

She ran a fever all night and Bryon stayed home with her on Wednesday and decided to take her to the doctor. Strep throat. She got antibiotics and Bryon got them in her right away. She ran a fever (really high a few times of 104.8!) and we panicked a little bit and called her doctor at 10 that night. We put her in the cool bath and tried to get her cooled down. We were debating whether to take her to the emergency room when her doctor finally called back. He said to alternate Ibprophen and Tylenol every 2 hours. We did it and her fever finally came back down to 102.

Thursday Bryon stayed home with her again and I went to work and madly tried to cram in several days of work. More fever.

Friday, I stayed home with her and Bryon went back to work to try to catch up.

Saturday we all stayed in together and Sunday morning I went to church and Sunday school and Bryon and Grace stayed home. Her fever FINALLY subsided and Sunday evening we all went to church to a revival night. She was glad to play with her friends and I was just glad to out of the house!

Yesterday was her first day back to daycare and no problems or fever so I think we are over that hump now. Of course she was INCREDIBLY whiny this morning and there were lots of grumpy tears. I think she’s spoiled from a week of getting whatever she wanted and CONSTANT attention.

Tonight she gets to go to gymnastics (Bryon’s turn to take her) and tomorrow night is my book club. I’ll be glad to have a night out with my friends and a break.

I think I need a vacation.


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