>Sick, Tired and Tornadoes

>Well I’m finally back to work. Saturday I started feeling achy and then by the time we finished dinner at Nakato’s with Bryon’s work friends I was toast. I couldn’t wait to get home and get to bed! I had a fever for four days and missed two days of work but finally went back yesterday. I went to the doctor on Monday and they said I had a virus and I’d get better or worse in 5-10 days. That was helpful. Thankfully I’m finally getting better. No more fever, but lots of congestion. Bless his heart, Bryon has been great. He’s been taking care of Grace completely and taking her to school and picking her up and fixing meals. It’s a good thing because things would have gone to hell in a handbasket quick if it had been left up to me!

In the middle of all that, Monday it was 70 degrees and that meant storms in January. They started around 3 pm and didn’t end until 5 am Tuesday. Niangua was right on the track for wave after wave of them. We were in and out of the closet all night. Our power went out at 9 pm and blessedly came back on ten minutes before Bryon had to get up and get ready for work. At least it wasn’t cold too. January has not been a good month the past two years! Ice last year and tornadoes this year! Thankfully we had no damage. Just some tree limbs down. The WIND was really scary about 3 am. I thought we were in for it then, but thankfully no. We have several acquaintences who suffered total losses and others with all kinds of damage. Bryon is going out on Saturday to help where he can. One of Grace’s cooks at school lost everything. Their less than a year old house is totalled.

It’s crazy. I’m sure glad we were spared. You can see some of the damage in our area at http://www.ky3.com/home/video/13530042.html?video=pop&t=a


One thought on “>Sick, Tired and Tornadoes

  1. >That was close to home, wasn’t it? I can’t imagine having to deal with such destruction! We are familiar with hiding in closets though! Glad you guys did okay!


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