>First Job


This is a photo of my dad and his brother Gene on their first jobs as newspaper delivery boys for the Springfield Newsleader in 1955. Pretty cool I think. My first job was as a grocery carryout at Consumers in Bolivar. I had no inclinations to climb the grocery chain of command, I just got a job there to keep an eye on Bryon. The first of many stalking moves to win him over 🙂 That was a great job. I got to bump my crappy late hours to Damon (who also got a job there) and then Bryon would only have an hour to get into trouble before I could track him down! We all cruised around town a lot then (miles and miles, gallons and gallons of gas) and eyeballed the out-of-towners and listened to our music way too loud. Good times were had by all.


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