>So we gave out cat fleas. That’s really the only explanation since she’s never been outside except on her yearly trip in the cat crate to the vet for her shots. So since she has fleas…we have fleas. We’ve had pets in the house for years but NEVER had a problem like this. The exterminator is there today trying to erradicate the little monsters. They are just awful and of course having such a huge house doesn’t help. We decided not to waste our money on bombs and go straight to a professional. Poor Bryon, Grace and Pansy have taken the brunt of it. They have bites, but I guess I don’t taste good because they have totally left me alone. The vet said this has been a terrible year for them and the more I talk to people the more they tell me their flea stories as well. Misery loves company. Pansy is at the vet to avoid fumication and Grace is spending the weekend with Nana’s. I’ll be washing bedding and stuff all weekend. Good times.


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