>Alligator Hunting


Originally uploaded by trlrover
I came home late one night last week and Bryon had to show me this picture. Grace loves to pretend that alligators are chasing her and eating her toes. Or YOUR toes. So Bryon dressed her up, she grabbed her drumsticks for a gun and they went Alligator Hunting.
Once your toes have been accosted, she has to take you to the doctor and bandage them up with dish towels and feed you medicine. She’s pretty creative but the “Doctor” is not very forgiving. She had me down on the floor covered in dish towels the other night FOREVER and I kept saying, “Grace, Mama needs to go put the food in the fridge,” etc. So she’d say “I’ll be right back” and go out of the room and talk to the doctor (imaginary). I’d hear her say “Doctor can Mama get up now, No? Okay” then she’d come back in and say “Doctor says stay right there!”

Finally I had to get up against medical advice and convince her that now the alligators had attacked her babies which needed tended to!

She’s so funny! Bryon got her a little pretend doctor set, a box of bandaids and some ACE bandages for her birthday. She’ll get them next month. She’s gonna love it, but I see a lot of floor time in my future, ha!


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