>Lake Leisure


I had a great weekend with my girlfriends at Lake of the Ozarks. Liz’s brother has a 1950’s lake house there and seven of us girls went down there over the weekend for some much need rest and relaxation. We shopped and bobbed around the dock and ate and talked, talked, talked.

I actually got to sit unmolested and dig through my new diet cookbooks and read magazines. It was nice. I was, however, hotter than hell because the house only had air in one bedroom (not the one I was sleeping in!). Somehow I managed not to melt and we just had a great time.

I needed about a WEEK of that, but two days was pretty nice.

Grace stayed with Nana and she was really happy. I told her last Monday that she was going to get to go to stay with Nana and she was so excited but every day when I picked her up she thought THAT was the day and finally on Thursday when I went to daycare to get her she said, “I go to Nana’s house now” and I said no not until tomorrow and she just broke into tears. She has my lack of patience I think!

Bryon is going to buy a new bow so he spent the weekend shopping around and trying to find the perfect deal. He still hasn’t bought one but he has it narrowed down.

A good weekend was had by all despite the fact we were in three separate places πŸ™‚ Sometimes you just need some time away πŸ™‚


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