>Weight Watchers

>So here I go again. Trying to lose weight. I’ve lost 30 pounds once before and it’s time to do it again. I was lucky I didn’t gain much weight with my pregnancy with Grace, however, I started out the heaviest I’d ever been! Here are the numbers: the first time 14 years ago I was at my heaviest ever 153 pounds. I know, it’s some of ya’lls goal weight and you don’t have any sympathy for me but fat is fat no matter where you start or want to be. We all know what will make us happy and feel better about ourselves and our bodies and for me the magic number is 135.

That first time around, years ago, I got down to 125 but I felt pretty insignificant. Not strong at all! Just skinny. I looked good, but I want to be strong too. I lost weight that time by walking and eating about 10-15 grams a fat a day. That was a DRASTIC, too drastic probably, decrease in fat. I traded fat for carbs (lots of pastas and rice) but it worked.

Slowly, over the years it started creeping back on as it always does, that insistent monster. I was pretty active until we moved to our new house then all activity ceased. My good walking trail and roads were gone and Niangua was too far away from Sequiota to make the trip. My job changed (territory) and my eating habits plummited too. A fat making combination for sure.

Then I got pregnant at the fattest ever weight of 163. If it hadn’t been for morning sickness the first 4 months and then gestational diabetes, I would have been 200 pounds for sure! Thankfully I was 177 when I delivered and back down to 166 not long after, but I’ve been hovering around 170 ever since.

Grace will be 3 in October. I can’t blame it all on baby weight anymore. Time for action!

I joined WW on the 16th of July and I’ve lost 7 or 8 pounds (depending on the day) and I’m going to make it and keep it off! I’m finally determined. I finally talked myself into deserving to look and feel better instead of deserving cheesecake. Boy do I like cheesecake. And chocolate. And sweets. I think I’m a sweet-a-holic. I can’t have just a little and stop. I have no self control with it.

The next step is exercise. It’s hard to stop being a slug. Objects in motion (or lack of ) theory and all. I may never be an athelete, but I’d like to.

Wish me luck.


One thought on “>Weight Watchers

  1. >Hooray for Lisa!! 🙂 We’re right behind you all the way! Let me know if you need any recipes!! Take your time and remember, you’re being *good* to yourself!!


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