>Immigration Bill is Dead

Thank God! For the first time EVER I have emailed my Senators, three times in two weeks. This whole immigration debate has just got me riled up. I can’t BELIEVE our government expects us to agree and accept allowing 12-20 million illegal immigrants to have amnesty. We can barely take care of the citizens we have here legally.

I am not anti-brown, anti-immigrant or a xenophobe. I would encourage LEGAL immigration with a limited number of citizens accepted yearly. Maybe that’s 100,000 or 500,000 a year, I don’t know but I think our borders need to be secured and all those that are here illegally should be deported immediately. I believe that children born in this country should immediately assume the legal citizenship of their parents, not automatically become “Americans”.

This country was born of immigrants and will continue to flourish thanks to future immigration. This is OUR country. This is AMERICA. If you want to be an American and enjoy the benefits of the best country in the world, then assimilate; come here legally, learn our laws, our history, our language and become an American.

Our culture is at stake here. Take a stand and make your voice heard. If you are an American, excercise your right to democracy and speak up. Even if you don’t agree with me, do the research and take a stand now or you may soon be a citizen of the United States of Mexico.


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