>Waiting for Daddy

>Grace and I are on week two without Daddy. Amazingly, things have been going pretty well really. I’ve been trying to keep Bryon’s garden from burning up and thankfully we’ve had some rain too. It actually looks pretty good 🙂 Haven’t heard from Bryon and his Dad since Thursday night. I don’t expect to hear from them now until they get back across the border.

I was really dreading this two weeks. Friday was our 17th wedding anniversary. No big deal really, but I realized this is the longest we’d been apart in that time. I think 5 days was the record before. We’ve mostly gone on vacations together or short ones apart. I was dreading the overwhelming efforts it takes to take care of Grace and the house alone, but she’s been GREAT and we’ve been doing well together. She’s been really sweet and funny and played and watched her movies and even made her first scrapbook page! We went upstairs so I could try to scrapbook and she watched a movie, then came over and wanted to “help” so I gave her some reject pictures and the adhesive tabs and she went to town! She loved peeling the tabs off and sticking them on the pictures. It was pretty cool. She’s really getting more and more fun.

I bought some new decorations for her room (I decided not to move her to the green room) and it looks really cute. She’s really into the Princess’s right now and the color blue. She wants everything blue now. I bought her a blue swimming pool yesterday but we haven’t christened it yet.

Tomorrow night we’ll be back to gymnastics class. We missed last week because I had to drive the Amish to the blood drive. Then Wednesday night is book club. I hope I can get my book read. This month’s book is A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. It’s really, really good and I would have had it read already except I rented the first season of LOST and have been watching it every night after I get Grace to bed. I usually go to bed at 9 and read for a while, but I’ve been staying up until 11 or 12 and watching that show. It’s really good and really addictive! Watching it sans the commercials and all at once is definately the way to go! I’m getting tired staying up so late though!

Bryon will get back Friday and then Saturday we’ll be helping Mike move into his new house. I’m really excited for him. He’s lived in that apartment for almost 10 years. It’s time for him to have some more space and freedom. It’s right in town (not for me) but it will be great for him.


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